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I am a home gardener who loves planting seeds and seeing each plant develop over time. With so many issues around bee populations and the lack of info around native pollinator species and population numbers, I try to promote flowers that benefit these amazing animals.
I am a newbie seed collector and have learned through failures and successes over the fall of 2013 and growing season of 2014. I had some success at WS annual and perennial flowers in 2013 and look forward to continuing to learn which varieties can successfully be WS in our zone. I gave away so many plants in the spring of 2014 to neighbors and family that I will keep them in mind when WS in the future.
Worms eat our garbage and help me amend our soil.
My wife and I live just outside Boulder, Co in a house with not much associated yard space. Most neighbors neglect their yards in our neighborhood, so we hope to continue to brighten up the block with perennial flowers and offer WS starts whenever the opportunity arises.
I came across GW in 2013 and am so thankful to all who contribute. This clearinghouse of knowledge is a hidden gem to those of us fumbling our way through the learning process of gardening.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 5 CO

First registered on December 10, 2013 .