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I'm just discovering my sculpting abilities because of starting into making hypertufa projects. It has taken me in to many different directions.

I also love to do photography. My digital camera is my best friend lately. My favourite thing to photograph is close-ups of plants and insects. The digi is such a useful tool when you are doing tutorials as well.

Look forward to being inspired by more of all of YOUR projects.


I am also being introduced to Winter Sowing this year (2005) and am so excited to see the results. Thanks to Trudi and the gang in the WS forum!

Thanks to everyone in {{ Candian Garden Exchange forum }} for all the wonderful trades I've been making lately!

OK, back to work/play now!

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 4A/4B Ont

My favorite forum 1 is Hypertufa.

My favorite forum 2 is Winter Sowing.

First registered on May 21, 2002 .