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I am repeatedly told that, because of my screenname, people think I am a preacher, reverend, pastor, or likewise. Truth is, I just love the English Rose ’Brother Cadfael’. It is my favorite rose for many reasons.

For me, gardening is not just something I do, it’s a way of life. It helps me find... PLEASURE in work, REWARD in toil, PATIENCE in a world of instant gratification, HEALING in times of pain, SUSTENANCE in times of need, BEAUTY in the ugliest of circumstances, STRUCTURE in things once torn down, STRENGTH in weakness, TIME in a rushed atmosphere, PEACE in a world of madness, TRUTH in study, HOPE in things that may seem insignificant at the time, LOVE in times of hate, LIFE in things once dead, FAITH in things yet unseen, and my CREATOR in all things.

I grow over 180 rose bushes. Mostly David Austin English Roses, some other modern shrubs, and getting more Antiques every year.

Obviously my favorite rose is ’Brother Cadfael’.

Here are the roses I grow:

ALBA-Alba Maxima*(mf), Alba Semi-plena*(mf), Celestial*(mf), Morning Blush*(or), Felicite Parmentier*(mf), Queen of Denmark*(mf)

BOURBON-Louise Odier(or)

CENTIFOLIA-Fantin Latour*(or)

CLIMBERS-Alchemyst*(or), American Pillar*(or), Autumn Sunset(dh), Fourth of July(dh), Illusion(mf), Isabella Skinner(or), John Cabot(mf), Leverkusen(mf), Quadra(mf), Rosenholm(mf), Westerland(dh), White Dawn(dh)

DAMASK-Mme. Hardy*(2)(mf)

ENGLISH-Ambridge Rose(2)(dh), Brother Cadfael(4)(dh), Carding Mill(mf), Christopher Marlowe(dh), Claire Austin(dh), Crocus Rose(2)(mf), Eglantyne(mf), English Garden(2)(dh), Gertrude Jekyll(dh), Geoff Hamilton(dh), Golden Celebration(2)(dh), Graham Thomas(dh), Heritage(dh), James Galway(dh)
John Clare(dh), Jude the Obscure(9)(dh), Kathryn Morley(dh), L. D. Braithwaite(2)(dh), Lady Emma Hamilton(dh), Lilac Rose(dh), Lilian Austin(dh), Mary Rose(6)(dh), Mayor of Casterbridge(dh), Pat Austin(dh)(2), Queen of Sweden, Redoute’(6)(dh), Scarborough Fair(dh), Scepter’d Isle(2)(1dh)(1mf), Sharifa Asma(2)(dh), Spirit of Freedom(dh), St. Cecelia(mf), St. Swithun(mf), Tamora(2)(dh), Teasing Georgia(2)(dh), The Generous Gardener(mf), The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild(dh), The Prince(4)(dh), The Shepherdess(dh), Wildeve(dh), William Shakespeare 2000(dh), Winchester Cathedral(9)(dh), Windermere(dh)(2), Windflower(dh)

GALLICA-Tuscany Superb*(2)(or)

HYB. PERPETUAL-Baronne Prevost(or), Ferdinand Pichard(or), Mrs. John Laing(mf)

HYB. MACRANTHA-Raubritter*(or)

HYB. MUSK-Darlow’s Enigma(or)

HYB. TEA-Dainty Bess(10)(mf), La France(mf)

MODERN SHRUBS-Cherries ‘n’ Cream(dh), Oranges ‘n’ Lemons(dh), Sharon’s Delight(2)(mf), Stretch Johnson(mf)

MOSS-Crested Moss*(or), Prince de Vaudemont*(or), Salet(mf), Sydonie(mf), William lobb*(mf)

RAMBLER-Long John Silver*(2)(or)

RUGOSA-Martin Frobisher(or), Wasagaming(or)

SPECIES-Austrian Copper*(dh), Father Hugo*(mf)


I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 seWI

My favorite forum 1 is Antique Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Roses.

First registered on October 19, 2002 .