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I am a rabid wild dog gardener in the Arkansas Ozarks. My profession is gardening. I have made my living in horticulture much of my working life. My home is on 28 acres with approximately 20 acres of hardwood forest. The rest is pasture and garden. I own a miner's headlight so i can work in the garden at night...however, i would call myself a fair weather gardener because i no longer need to prove how tough i am under extremely cold or wet conditions. I grow herbs and encourage native plants on my land. I think about soil...the life and chemistry of it. I think yoga is the best thing i ever did for my self because i can continue to garden without so many aches and pains. I keep finding this site on goggle searches and I want to thank everyone i have read so far. This is a great forum for understanding what we are doing. This is going to be really fun. Later gators, braidnboots

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 AR Ozarks

My favorite forum 1 is Herbs.

My favorite forum 2 is Organic Gardening.

First registered on January 29, 2004 .