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Okay, this is a sort-of re-registration page...was on here a few months ago, then my computer blew a gasket, so I return once more! Just thought I’d tell y’all that in case my profile looks familiar.
A brief bit on myself...I’m 40-something, live in northwestern SC, and am originally from Maine, born & raised there, been in PA since 1982, (moved to SC in '06)and married for the 2nd time. I work in the healthcare field as a CNA, enjoy sewing, like my music & some gardening, genealogy, and have a disturbing sense of humor (from my hubby’s perspective). Oh, and even though I don’t drive (does driving spouse crazy count?!), I own a ’96 Harley, affectionately named "Tin Lizzy".
I am a bereaved, childless parent (no humor here, serious side). In 1986, my 1st child, William died before birth. In 1987, I gave birth to his sister, Erica, knowing no one ever loses a 2nd child. SO I THOUGHT. On June 4, 2005, the unthinkable nightmare happened, and my life will never be the same. Erica, 18, and her boyfriend, Danny, 22, were killed in a 3-car crash in the Poconos near his home. She was thrown from the vehicle and suffered multiple head trauma and internal injuries, Danny never got out from the car, as it burst into flames. I pray that neither of them knew what happened, as it was a grisly scene. Knowing that my only living child is also gone too, makes life hard for me...no wedding to plan, no one to pass on things to, no grandchildren. Somehow I just go on. Anybody got any aswers as to how?
Thanks for reading my profile. You’re all good people.
(((((EJP & DDG...RIP)))))
Emma in SC

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