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hi! i live in mountains, about a half hour out of santa fe. i’ve been here seven years. the soil is still terrible.
i have one little bed set aside for vegetables, though it is filled with leaves currently.
this year’s big project is establishing plantings in the front yard. i hope to have roses and daylilies for the neighbors to look at when they peer out their windows or walk by. every year i grow sweet peas and heliotrope. i like bees.
the house plants seem to keep accumulating. for the most part, we are all on good terms, though the succulents occasionally sulk. i miss the green plants and the waters of minnesota, where i grew up. i even miss the snow. when i’m not digging in the flower beds ("playing pig"), i’m usually at the piano or in the woodshop.
i love the gardenweb, and check the forums regularly while drinking my morning coffee. but i’m mostly a lurker and can be really flaky about responding to posts. so so sorry about that!
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