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I really like what Scottfsmith has done with his profile page, so I'm going to do something similar. After moving into my first real house (1/2 acre yard), I started

planting in spring 2010. So, I don't have as much experience with each of these cultivars, but I'll try to keep it reasonably updated.


# indicates on order, but not planted yet.

^ indicates container grown

* good

x bad

xx ripped out, which hasn't happended to much yet :)

Raspberries (8):

*Autumn Britten- small growing (2-2.5' tall), but pretty productive as of year 2.

Anne- the most problems of any of my berry plants. 3 of the 4 I planted died, while the 4th did very well and spread. I've moved some of the runners from this

one back to where the others died and we'll see how it does. The berries are pretty good though- the favorite of my oldest daughter.

Autumn Bliss


xxJewel- make sure to tip the primocanes (they get huge). I didn't in their first year and it lead to a small yield in the 2nd year and a jungle of canes. Even

so, I just didn't get enough yield and birds wanted them too. The plants may have also had a virus, or didn't like the sometimes wet area they were planted.


*Prelude- I haven't done well with raspberries overall, but Prelude are among my most productive, with decent flavor.

Royalty- They took quite a while to come into production (3rd leaf), but now that they are there is quite a crop. They seem more flavorful when picked red, than

waiting for purple. My daughter noticed that the purple ones have "no taste" (just mild sweet).

Blackberries (8):



*Boysenberry- Great flavor, a bit of a pain to tie up.




xOuachita- poorest flavored so far- kids learned name so they could avoid them. Decently erect thornless.

Prime Jan- first year yield was ripe too late- only a few berries were ready in time. In the 2nd year, the yield stretched over quite a while. I'm warming up to

this- I was thinking of replacing it after the first year. Thorns are pretty nasty though.

Triple Crown- grew very floppy the first year and tip-rooted like crazy. Make sure to tip it. I suspect that not tipping it caused it to have a very small yield

the 2nd year. With tipping and an especially long season (due to a very warm March), they were very productive late in the year.

Blueberries (20):


Blue Moon




^Bluetta- very early, just before Patriot. Not all that flavorful.



Darrow- good flavor- more tart kick than most.

^Elliot- When I didn't water enough, they prematurely ripened and shriveled with poor flavor.


Hannah's Choice



^Patriot- Pearly season. OK, better than average flavor.






Kiwi (10):





Issai- had flowers (and 1 fruit) the first year.


Hardy Male

Ken's Red

Male 74-32


Apple (36):

Akane- Weak grower with some dieback.

Ashmead's Kernel

^Claygate Pearmain

Court Pendu Plat

Crimson Crisp

Crimson Topaz

Ecos Red- Cedar Apple rust problem in first year and Ok on that count since. Small apples, with sharp taste. Max out at 12.5 brix and ~2.5". Had some cracking

and rot, with extensive biter pit. Good crunch when just ripe, but soften quickly (mac texture) if not picked just right.

Egremont Russet

Erwin Bauer

Golden Russet

Goldrush- one (in a bad location) grew very little. The one in a nicer spot grew very well- over 7' tall at the end of the first season. Great flavor with high

brix (14 if picked too early, 17-20 when ripe). Lots of kick and could be too acidic for some when right off the tree.


Hudson's Golden Gem

^Karmijn De Sonnaville

Kidds Orange Red


^Milo Gibson


^Orleans Reinette

Pitmaston Pineapple

^Pixie Crunch

Pomme Gris

Pricsilla- Medium sweet (12-14 brix), crunchy apple with an interesting mild flavor. Ripe at the start of September. Pretty problem free so far.

Red Boskoop

Roxbury Russet


Scarlet Ohara

^Scarlet Suprise

Sieversii Malus #11 (614000)

Sieversii Malus #13 (613978)

St. Edmunds Russet


Sweet 16- 2nd year bloom was very weak, even with a decent sized tree.

Williams Pride- very strong grower. Tree looks very nice.

Winecrisp- very weak branching (most are 2-4" long). The tree just grew straight up (and not that far) with few branches and bad CAR.

^Zabergau Reinette

I have a bunch of other apple grafts from this spring (2013), but I'll wait until they get a bit older before claiming them here.

European Pear (7):

Fondante de Moulins Lille

^Glou Morceau

Harrow Delight

Harrow Sweet




Asian Pear (4):

20th Century

Korean Giant



Gooseberry (10):

Amish Red

*Black Velvet- had some in the 2nd year. Not as sour as I thought they would be. Like a tart blueberry. They grow very strongly- one of the bushes has 10-15

shoots 4'+ tall in the 2nd year.


Hinnimaki Red- The first ones were pretty tasty- the rest were eaten by an unknown animal.

Hinnimaki Yellow- a much weaker grower. I have it near the Black Velvet and it is much smaller. ~4 stems 2' tall.

Invicta- nasty thorns.



Orus 8- gets pretty tall and has large thorns. Pretty productive, with reasonably sweet berries.


Red George


Black Currant (7):


Consort- given to me by my brother who doesn't like the berries (cat-pee flavor per him). We'll see. If he is right, I'll just make jam. They seem to get mildew

pretty bad.

Crandall- nice yellow flowers.

^Golden Currant


Laxton's Giant

Minaj Smyreu

Red/Pink Currant (8):


Jonkheer Van Tets

Laxton's No. 1

Pink Champagne- grew strongly after planting

Primus- fruited in the first year after bare root planting, but it was probably due to the quality of the plants more than the variety. The first year, they never

leafed out and the replacements were the ones which did very well (from the same company). Fruit was OK, but WI was better.

Red Start

Rodova- pretty large berry, but birds have gotten almost all of them so far.

White Imperial- Birds don't seem to eat these as much, as the plant is near Rodova and was almost untouched. Not bad- a little bland (not too sour), but pretty

good. Better than Primus so far.

Peach (17):

Carolina Gold



Gold Dust

^Harko nectarine

^Harrow Diamond


PF 1 Flamin Fury

PF 15a Flamin Fury

PF Big George

^Ruston Red

TangOs (NJF 16)

^Tangos II (NJF 17)

^White County

^White Lady

White River


Persimmon (3):

Ichi Ki Kei Jiro


Tam Kam

Jujube (3):



^Honey Jar

Pomegranate (3):



^Red Silk

Sour Cherry (3):





Bush Cherry (2):

Carmine Jewel- Grown has been light in the first year. One of the plants defoliated early.

Crimson Passion- This is supposed to be the shy grower, but it has done much better than Carmine Jewel. Nice leaves and strong growth.

#Korean bush cherry

Sweet Cherry (2):

^Black Tartarian

^White Gold

Serviceberry (5):



Regent- Had my first few berries. Pretty boring.



Mulberry (6):

Gerardi Dwarf

Illinois Everbearing



^Persian Black Mulberry

^Silk Hope

Elderberries (2):



Strawberries (3):

Alpine- No runners, but is a nice full bush. Berries are only OK- small, not strongly flavored. But, they do have a very long season (normal strawberry picking

time through frost...).

Ozark Beauty- Has grown well, and sends out lots of runners (which I've replanted) but not yet very productive.


Grapes (1):


Apricot (5):






Plum (9):

^Au Producer

^Au Rosa


^Castleton & Seneca

^Damson (Blue)

^Flavor Supreme Pluot


^Spring Satin plumcot


Honeyberries (9):

^Berry Blue (Czech #17)

^Blue Belle

Blue Moon (Sergei)

^Blue Sky

Blue Velvet


^Indigo Gem

Midnight Blue


Other (4):

Da Mian Qui Hawthorn

Highbush Cranberry (American)

Hardy Everbearing Fig


I live in: United States

My zone is: 6b/7a SW CT

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