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I started a remodel business while working as a computer service engineer. My original direction was Electrical lighting and Fan installation. I offered HVAC services in 1984. During the period I also offered Appliance repair and Plumbing repair. I was a licensed remodel contractor for several years. When a customer contracted me to remodel Dry Cleaners, I saw the advantages of service to Cleaners. I became an expert in cleaning machines, presses, equipment and controls. After several jobs, where I corrected repairs by others on refrigeration equipment used by the cleaners, and after repairing controls on several boilers, I taught industrial controls classes at a private school. I taught part-time for several years.

I was the person that corrected tech’s screw-ups for one company. I repaired refrigeration equipment, from HVAC to icemakers. I replaced compressors in refrigerators.

10+ years of providing service to repeat customers, has taught me practical Vs theory in service to machines.

10+ working on manufacturing machines, using best practice repair technique gives me a perspective of best Vs cost.

During the period, I built/installed DC plants in Texas. I designed ventillation systems for DC plants. I helped customers with regulatory issues and documents.

I am partially retired, but not dead.

I live in: United States

My zone is: (7) N Texas

First registered on May 14, 2003 .