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Well, I used to live in Chicago-I grew up there.Now I live in Miami Beach. I have three brothers,two sister-in-laws,a nephew,a neice,and of course,my parents. I also have a cat named Goblin(I named him correclty!)and another cat named Ghost. I am a cook by profession,however I would love to get into landscape design(interior design also interests me-I guess I am a "home& garden"type) and save cooking for a hobby. Other than gardening and interior design,I’m interested in health and fitness,fashion,music,movies,history,holistic healing,natural perfumery(another one of my obsessions),and just general socializing and leisure. I love throwing parties and dinner and going out.
I just came back from a three month stay on the Big Island of Hawaii and it only further fanned the flames of my obsession for tropical plants. It is my dream to live there(or perhaps Miami or another tropical,warm place). Of course I also enjoy gardening in this climate as well.I’m also a gung-ho organic gardener. I hope to have many a discussion with plant lovers on this site.

I live in: United States

First registered on September 22, 2004 .