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chronically single eccentric with a lot of unfinished hobbies but I think the best hobby I have is
unfinishing. want a pond at least 20ft dia. and a greenhouse and a pergola with elevated deck.
need frontporch swing. better add a couple bathroom remodels too in 02.
dog. 7 fish. 2 turtles. share the 2500ft house and barn on half acre. grow tomatoes and whatever
else like the strange and heirloom. recumbent bicyclist . type 2 diabetic. did I mention I fish?
tea and coffee drinker. goofy over arts and crafts movement yet to invest in any
other than books. hope to build my own. my library is fairly huge. got rid of television about 2 years
ago. thats about it for now and subject to change..................
Yacons will get dug 10/29/01. no regrowth in 02 . herb butterfly garden
got additions and removals tansy and feverfew out. butterfly bushes and alliums in. scented tulips and
spider flowers as well as flowering tobacco. 5 additional organic grown unique herbs or plants did not
survive these were very small on arrival will search for bigger before I name names. sweet annie was a success this year and probably a nuisance next. got several loads of composted yard waste farm manure from local college.
working too much. further and further...

I live in: United States

My zone is: 5 cent. il.

My favorite forum 2 is Cottage Garden.

First registered on April 08, 2001 .