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2000-2010- My only gardening was in containers- lots of containers filled with lots of basil and mint, and a few petunias and geraniums for color.

August 2010- Freak wind-shear (looked like a tornado to me!) rips through my Northern Virginia 'hood, taking down most of our trees and turning my yard from a shady glade to sunny bare wasteland.

March 2011- I am bit by the gardening bug after planting 4 baby heads of lettuce I bought on a whim at Kmart for 75 cents and decide to turn my sunny wasteland into a garden as cheaply as possible. My husband calls me the ADHD gardener because I had no plan at all- I just planted things I found on sale for 50% off or more and hoped for the best.

Summer 2011- Some of my bargains withered and died but most grew like crazy. (Apparently ground up cedar stumps and Virginia clay make a fertile combination.) We were awash in roses, salvia, mint, beans, squash, and two volunteer tomato plants that gave us hundreds of tomatoes. I have never had so much fun!

The only non-ADHD thing I did was to keep a journal where I wrote down every thing I planted and how it did.

March 2012- Joined GardenWeb, bought a bunch of seeds from Fedco and Southern Exposure, re-read my garden journal, trying to make a plan this year rather than going at it haphazardly, starting lettuce and cauliflower inside under lights.

While I may miss the surprise and adventure of my first year, I am hoping for lots more produce this summer.

Winter 2013- I am officially hooked on cold-weather gardening with two raised beds under garden blankets providing us with arugula all winter. Getting ready to expand from 3 raised beds to 6 so that I can fit in more varieties of tomatoes.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7a

My favorite forum 1 is Frugal Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Vegetable Gardening.

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