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Um,I am 36 this year, we have lived in Florida on and off for years, we just built a house in Cocoa and I am struggling with wonderful "construction dirt/sand" It is truly horrible and I feel guilty asking anything to grow in it. LOL

It is very frustrating to grow things here in the blazing sun. But I like to try anyway. I know there is just a trick to it. Cause I see lots of beautiful gardens here. Although many have the staff of disney to keep them up.
I see all kinds of things that "don't belong here" here anyway. I have even had a mail order catalog tell me not to bother ordering! Even though I told them I would be trying things as patio plants...crazy people! I think any plant is worth trying, even if it from greenland! It just needs the right care. People grow our landscape plants as houseplants all the time!
I have seen an Eastern Redbud tree flourish here! and just down the street they have heliconias. We have a lady about ten minutes from me that is growing blue hydrangeas and a Jaranda tree in the same garden! So I believe almost anything is possible!
I look forward to exchanging stories and experiences with other gardeners...

I live in: United States

My zone is: 9-9b FL

My favorite forum 1 is Florida Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Butterfly Garden.

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