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If you curve the trunk on a bonsai or penjing, yes it help dwarf it, because the nutrients don't get dispersed as a regular plant, but, too much curve it will eat itself, straight grown, while curved into itself a little, as it grows straight, might work better for the bonsai or penjing, trial and error, all prefrence.Leave the tap long, the tree will need it. Work with fertilizers and depravity of fertilizers as it ages. Each plant differs, really no right or wrong when learning. Get a ready root stock, a seprate same plant for grafting stock and have fun. They live, they die, then again I relate them to the great wall and not chan or zen buddhism. Each tree works so hard to live, so do give it a nice life. Eventually those artistic twists of trunk will have to be cut on out, so plan for that and know itll be part of the art later if you do it now and select a type of tree that can handle it or experiment on it later to keep it living, choice is yours.

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