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Maybe someday I'll come back to this form and fill in something sparkling and witty, inteligent, heart-warming and insightful. Until then ... hmmmm ... perhaps it is interesting that I garden as a totally blind person. It poses a few challenges, and definitely shapes my preference for species that haven't had the fragrance bred out of them.
My life is shared with a husband, a wonderful son, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. The younger dog, Winna, is my new guide dog. Unfortunately, she is a dog without a finer sense for boundaries in the yard. Trucking through newly planted seedbeds is one of the things that describes her greatest pleasures in life, together with eating dog poop and stealing hostas ready for transplanting. For some reason she likes to run madly around the backyard with plant parts dangling out of her mouth. I can't verify the behavior because her mouth is always innocently free of debris when I call her. It's my son and husband who catch her in the act. She does not seem to appreciate it when I point out that Waco, my retired guide, never perpetrated such atrocities.

I live in: United States

My zone is: ZN 5b IL

My favorite forum 1 is Landscape Design.

My favorite forum 2 is Container Gardening.

First registered on March 27, 2004 .