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retired senior, finally have time to learn gardening, roses are a passion and I want colour and toughness,and fragrance is a must... want lots of variety in textures too. Living in Nova Scotia, a brand new learning experience...I now have a huge lot, compared to anywhere else I've lived, but must contend with wind, ROCKY ground ( I swear they mate at night and reproduce!) and saltiness borne by the wind . Oh, for just a little lottery win, and I would build such a garden ! I'm close to Yarmouth so no huge garden shops like I was used to on the west coast, must drive to Pubnico or Shelburne if I don't buy from what Yarmouth has, ie Canadian Tire, Walmart, Super Store, and the smaller local markets which put out a little bit each gardening season...Quite a change, but on my budget as a senior, I have learned to adapt and watch for end-of-season buys..we gardeners find a way, don't we?

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 5aNS

My Birthday is March 15 .

First registered on August 20, 2006 .