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I am currently in college for Emergency management. I work as a paramedic. I love to garden because I get to spend time with my father and a fellow Eagle Scout. A few Details about my garden/s. I have a 60foot by 100foot Main garden This is were most of the plants go. This will be the second year for this garden and Last year it fed 3 families. I have a 2fooot by 4 foot onion garden, a straw berry patch, a few raspberry plants, a sugar snap pea area that also has rubarb and now ginger and horseradish. This will be my first year saving seeds. I am a 24 going on 25 year old that is a full time college student as mentioned above. This garden project started because a friend asked if he could plant some corn on our property. It then got out of hand fast. This has turned in to more of a lets grow everything we can and then eat it instead of anything from the store. I enjoy the time with my family working in the garden and also like the friends and things I have learned while working on this garden. i have added some fruit trees to the mix. would love to learn to do grafting email me If you could maybe steer me the right way.

I live in: United States

My zone is: USDA zone is: 5

My Birthday is April 28 .

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