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GardenWeb Friends,

I can’t let this go on much longer. Some of you will hate me and I understand.

There is one among us who has been posting lies about other members in the forum. All of you deserve to hear the truth and the other side of the story.

This person contacted me to arrange a trade when she saw my posting on the Hosta Trade Forum. The communication was fine, but I was disappointed when I received her plants in the mail. She sent me Chartruse, Fortuni Albopicta, Lakeside Little Gem, Vanilla Cream, White Christmas and Zager’s White Edge. I tested all 6 of them using the HVX Test Strips from Agdia and two tested positive for HVX. She then posted publicly in the rate and review forum that I did not send her Hosta when in fact, I sent her Halcyon, Golden Tiara, Great Expectations, Blue Angel, June and Guacamole. The plants that I sent were purchased at Bluestone Perennials and were very healthy. She never contacted me to say that she did not receive the plants. Instead, she posted to this forum that I never sent them and tried to ruin my reputation.

Lainey tried to tell her that her Hostas had HVX, and tell her how to recognize it. Instead of being concerned about having sent infected Hosta to people, she chose to do nothing about it and denied that any of her Hosta had HVX. She posted a thread on June 30 titled, “New 'Accidental' Mutant Sport of Gold Standard.” It contained photos of her HVX infected Hosta which she later removed. She still has this Gold Standard in her garden and has listed it on her trade list.

Tracy tried to intervene in a kind way without naming this person to let people know that infected Hostas are circulating. Instead of stepping up to the plate and admitting wrong, this person threw both Lainey and Tracey under the bus - trying to say that they were wrong and blamed the whole mess on a school rivalry from many years ago.

Shortly after Tracy’s post, this person posted to a thread that Lainey posted on August 2, 2008 titled, “What looks best?” This person tried to make Lainey look bad by posting the following post to the thread on July 27, 2009: “Going through old posts again... Is it just me, or do some of the hostas in this thread look VERY suspicious?” The ironic part to this whole situation is that if you look at that entire thread, Lainey did not post one photo.

5. Now, a phantom ptildapants shows up and she accusations that someone is out to make her look bad. I did some research on this and here is what I discovered:

Ptilda posted around 2:11 A.M.earlier this morning. There were no other posts from her until
Ptildapants began posting at 2:18
Ptilda did not post after her 2:11 A.M. post until 3:12 A.M. with an apology thread titled “My Apologies.” In that thread, she stated that “There is a group of individuals here on Garden Web, who have made me a target of harassment, and have not made up a fictional profile in order to "pose" as me, with a similar name. It is obvious to anyone who reads those post that the individual posting is not me.” Where was she between 2:11 A.M. and 3:12 A.M. when Ptildapants was posting?
Ironically, earlier yesterday in a thread she asked Bernd why he had 2 IDs.

The most upsetting post that I have seen from this person was posted in a thread titled, “Movie” on July 10 on the Round Robin Forum. Here is EXACTLY what it said:

“There are like 3 people in this theatre & Mr. Haiti is talking REALLY loud on his phone... black people! lol
Sorry, hope I don't offend anyone with my non-political correctnes! If it reasurres you, I'm an equal-opportunity offender... I talk smack about EVERYONE!
Keep me posted. We're watching Ice Age 3"

I find this post highly offensive and demeaning to African Americans. That someone would think this in this day and age is beyond me - then to post it to a public forum and think that it is funny is sickening.

All of you may come to your own conclusions. My opinion is that this person is trouble and has caused dischord amongst out Hosta Forum Family. We are all excited about Hosta and it appears that while she is excited to, she is more intent on collecting a large number of Hosta instead of healthy Hosta. For her, it is about quantity - not quality.

I will not be posting to the forum anymore. It has become a source of great frustration as many of you show sympathy for a person who clearly needs none. All problems that she has mentioned in the forum have been brought on her by herself. I can no longer be privy to these chidlish antics after these latest incidents, her false review of me, and the racist remark made in the Round Robin Forum.

I wish you all well.


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