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I started out gardening in a sunnier microclimate near San Francisco with some small square-foot beds and as many containers as I could fit in the back yard. After 13 years in California, I moved back to south east Pennsylvania in 2006. I turned a typical suburban backyard (with above ground pool and swing set) into an extensive raised-bed, completely organic garden. I presently (2010) have eleven 4x8, 4x12 or 4x16 foot raised beds and four permanently trellised long raised beds for tomatoes and squash trellising.

I mainly grow heirloom vegetables and really love summer and winter squash. I also grow many herbs and flowers to attract predator insects and other beneficials to the garden. I plant by the square-foot method and �intensive-planting� could definitely be used to describe my garden. The good side is that I rarely need to weed. I�m a scientist (oncology) by career, so my observation skills are high and I can�t resist reading journal articles on new organic methods and experimenting in the garden.

I also love heirloom bulbs and give Old House Gardens a sizable percentage of my paycheck. :)

Some pictures:

June 2009 - first section of garden

Late June 2009

Bird's eye view


Zucchini 2009 (some of them)


I live in: United States

My zone is: z6b SE PA

My Birthday is March 19 .

First registered on April 11, 2002 .