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Summer2001-My friend and I visited her friend, she happened to be dividing her cattleyas. She gave us one potted division each. Two months after that, my sister brought me 2 huge cymbidiums. Her in-laws moved from Carmel, CA to Las Vegas, father-in-law was a cymbidium collector and the cyms were not happy in Vegas. My sister only took 4 in their mini-van, kept two and gave me two. I went to HD to buy a book on orchids- a few months later both catt and cyms bloomed. Need I say more? My favorites are cattleyas and cymbidiums. I also have a handful of oncidiums, nobile dens, 20 phals and some epidendrums. I was born in the Philippines and my grandmother was a devout gardener of all kinds-yes orchids too. So it wasn't hard for me to get hooked.Now I'm getting into passionflowers and pitahaya dragon fruits because my husband loves to eat them, I get beautiful flowers and he gets the fruits. Sounds fair to me.

I live in: United States

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My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Passiflora.

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