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I live in the Pacific Northwest on one of the tiny little private islands that are scattered all around within Puget Sound waters... and I love it. The view is stunning and our private ferry is an old friend by now.

Other than family and friends (two legged, four legged and no legged)....gardening is a special ....and addictive love of mine .*G* Among other loves are traveling and reading. Cooking and house cleaning are among my least favorite doings and only seem to occupy my time if company is coming or if it is raining and no enticing book is available (which I try to see does not happen..*G*).

My garden is overflowing..ever changing.. a delight to my eyes and my soul. In the summer it is my home...in the winter my dream. When not able to ’garden’ outside I garden inwardly.....and dream of things to be. If you are ever in the area..my garden will welcome you as it welcomes me.

I live in: United States

My zone is: PNW8

My favorite forum 1 is Northern Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Plants for Difficult Places.

First registered on July 29, 2001 .