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I have way more garden than I ought to have, on my 1/5 acre urban yard in an old Boston suburb. I have been busy figuring out how to have a garden of delight, and not just shrubs, in the vicinity of maples and without continuous watering, as we have summer water shortages. Native plants and container gardening are the solutions I have hit on, and after 10 years of experimenting I have found some real solutions (listed below).

Here are some plants that perform well for me in full- and part-sun maple-rooty summer-dry soil that I never water after establishment and that I mulch very thinly so as not to encourage more maple roots. These plants are both tough and beautiful and perform unusually well in lousy conditions adn total neglect.

* Prairie aster: Gets tall but takes to pruning, gorgeous big starry flowers in fall, seeds aroud agreeably in really awful site.
* Aster laevis: ditto.
* Solidago rigida "Fireworks": Appears to grow anywhere and looks good, surprisingly tolerates light shading.
* Hemerocallis fulva, common orange daylily: This plant will grow in places where you can't get a shovel in the ground for all the roots or in dry shade or in sandy sterile soil. Not just grow, but look good and flower too. A miracle plant for the maple-afflicted in urban settings. It's invasive in good sites but well-behaved in lousy sites.
* Boltonia asteroides: Have some growing in practically sterile soil that gets salt in the winter.
* Helianthus "Lemon Queen": Makes big bush if not pruned, covered in small yellow flowers in fall. Good for summer screening.
* Miniature bearded German iris
* Rubus odoratus, flowering raspberry: Not the thorny cultivated type but a woodlander with big light green star-shaped leaves on arching branches. Grows very well in dry shade in worst possible maple rooty situation. Love it for providing substantial foliage.

Of course, I grow many other tough plants, but they won't take the dryness and poor soil like these will.

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