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Labeling your WS Containers
I have an engraver- 2 actually(1 electric 1 rechargeable)

old window blind from 2nd hand store work great

engrave on them and they last for years

Handy Dandy DeChaffer
hubby heard me complaining-(magine that)
I hate seperating seeds from all the chaff-hulls whatever it is

I’ve tried screen, water strainer, anything I thought a seed would fall out of
and nothing worked.

So he made me 4 handy little shakers
took 4 tall plastic spice containers that were empty
drilled holes in each top
one size hole per lid
about 10-12 holes per lid

fill them up with your seed and chaff
and shake away- works like a charm
seeds fall out and chaff stays in.

remember to drillholes inside to outside
otherwise you’ll have burrs
the hole sizes
1/32" 1/16" 3/32" 1/8"



tested and works with these plus more
4 oclocks
bee balm
bell flower
Morning glory-or put dried chaff & seeds on plate and blow gently

tested and doesnt work with

Patent Pending

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