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We are renovating our 115 acre farm that we share with our 2 small children, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, guineas (for natural pest control - Japanese beetles are ymmy), and too many horses/ponies. We love it & hope to make this our "forever" homestead, but as a rabid gardener my one lament is that it came with ZERO plants/trees of any merit! :( It was once a simple dairy farm, then bought by folks interested in developing (and bulldozing) what remained... Thankfully it’s now in "ag preserve" and will remain a working farm. We grow 40 acres of hay, and a farmer plants corn n soybeans. My husband is a contractor, and we have been overwhelmed by the total rehab/remodelling project of the 150 + yo brick house, our own DIY project when we’re not otherwise working...
I have finally done some basic landscaping projects (lg veggie/per beds + small pond)and am eager to gather ANYTHING hardy to plant... I love to garden organically, and am constantly dividing/moving anything that the various critters don’t get to first. For the time being I’m sticking w/low maintenance plants, and don’t have the time or patience for seeds or cuttings that require nurturing. Next I would like to try winter sowing and more propagation techniques. I have carved out some sunny beds but miss my previous extensive water & shade gardens... I never dreamt I’d have such a broad empty pallet ~ it’s really taken a lot of thought (and I have so few brain cells left after the kids, critters n renovations) and COMPOST (of which we thankfully have plenty)! ;)

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