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We are a homeschooling family in Southern California. We live in a townhome that has several eco-systems of its own :o) The dryer vent in a shaded area makes a lovely tropical environment and we have planted accordingly. Bright sun in another area encourages our roses to go nuts.

I vermicompost in a bin in the garage and have recently begun a compost pile in a little-used area of the garden. I added some worms while creating it but otherwise haven't done much at all. I'm experimenting to see which method is more efficient -- so far the worms on their own are winning (especially since the rollie pollies help out).

My new "thing" is incinerating clean paper trash. The boys and I had a good time with the fire pit out back tonight. One of them wondered at what temperature lead would melt (he'd just been reading about pioneers melting lead to make their own shot) so we threw an aluminum can on the pile, got out the oven thermometer and had an impromptu science class. Our fire got up to 450 degrees and the can was history.

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