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I have been using worm castings for years and last summer I decided to make my own. After reading all the good and bad advice on the Net I settled on a plan. I started out with about 100 worms and they are multiplying nicely. I lost a few to the freezing temps but I brought them into my kitchen and now they are thriving. I check for cocoons every day and I’m amazed at how many I find. I have an incubator for them.
I took a bunch of carrots that had frozen in my neighbours garden and ran them through a juicer and then rehydrated the pulp in the juice. It makes a wonderful slop and they just love it. Thanks to Kelly for all the good advice.

March 2008
6 years later I now have 8 bins and harvest about 50 lbs of castings every 6-8 months.

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