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Building a home in the Poconos on the edge of a rock face and starting work on stonescaping and planters.
The house will be up on the hill just behind a large rock outcrop. The owner will have access by driving up and around to the kitchen entrance in the hack but guests will park in front of the outcrop, walk a short path up 4 steps and across the foot bridge to an entrance at the front of the home. The path is in, the foot bridge is almost complete and I have begun enhancing the cliff including planters, terraced patio(s) and gazebo on top. The property was once a flagstone quarrying operation and has an abundance of stone suitable for dry laid up stonework. The top of the outcrop/cliff drops off at about a 3 in 12 pitch so I feel some retaining walls and stairs are needed to make the area (that will some day be my front yard) inhabitable as a patio or two and the gazebo. I have not put a plan for the landscaping on paper yet but a few things are givens: 1. the highest spot is where the lookout/gazebo should be located, 2. the patio areas must include level areas for outdoor living, 3. the falling off the cliff issue, 4. I am considering making the architecture of the gazebo as well as the house relate to the flagstone quarry theme. Stone posts/pillars/piers and a galvanized steel roof for the gazebo/lookout come to mind. I am looking for ideas and images of cliffside planters and plantings.

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