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I live in MA, zone 6b, work in a research lab, and am a life-long entomology enthusiast. I hope one day to go back to school for a masters in that field, with a focus in arachnology.

I also love to garden and kept a vege and herb garden most years until I graduated high school. Since then I have kept flowering potted plats where and when I was able, but have never had a good space to seriously garden again, until I moved to my current home 3 years ago. I no longer grow veges, but am slowly developing a garden landscape for my home.

I love my profession so much, I find myself researching as much information as I can find about anything that interests me, and I have applied this to the development of my garden as well.

Soil info:
I live in a steep hilly area with lots of exposed granite cliffs and somewhat shallow, silt/gravel, acidic soil over granite bedrock. Almost all homes in my neighborhood are on steep slopes with crazy driveways - mine included. My main yard area faces due east from my home and has one deep terrace behind a retaining wall. My house is downslope from that, with a yard of equal size to the terrace - roughly 66' x 12'. The entire area gets direct sun for between 6 and 10 hours - the northern side getting more sun than the southern.

My house is alongside a fairly busy street, but also on the banks of a watershed lake, which is also a back-up water source for our town. The lake is protected from any swimming, fishing or boating.

My other half and I are organic gardeners, partly due to our location and partly out of personal principle. We use beneficial insects and worms to keep our garden healthy and control pests, and beneficial microbes and bacteria to protect from disease and fungi. So far we have been very successful. Our yard was a haven for grubs, slugs, moths and mold when we first began; now it's a healthy, young garden in training. =)

I have a lot to thanks GardenWeb for as well. Much of the knowledge I've gathered since I began gardening again has come from this great community.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6b

First registered on December 15, 2011 .