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We live south westerly of Albany, NY and up in the Hilltowns--we overlook the city and get alot more snow! I am busy wintersowing seeds, dreaming of spring, planning my future flowerbeds and gardens, and of course looking at the beautiful seed catalogs. We are out here in the country and I must say--love it!

I believe in composting for my gardens, using chickens/ducks/geese for natural bug control (and added fertilizer), and recycle those great plastic containers and whatnot into some planter or wintersowing project. I have designated large windows just for starting seeds and cuttings with shelves for more space! My DH is working on a fabulous root cellar in the cellar of our new house (work on the house is at a stand still for the winter...our cellar is capped). Our house is next to the trailer/partial house we have up.....don't believe in the whole mortgage thing so we are just putting the house up after 7 yrs. of planning and saving. We own everything outright and love the fact that we don't have a huge loan.

I should also mention my DH has a sawmill that we are using our own wood to build with. The sawdust is great to mix with my horrid clay soil....that's what has made me a composter! Also love those flowers like cleomes, blanket flowers, etc. that don't seem to mind my bad zones that haven't been worked up yet. My goal is to have flowers, fruit trees, veggie gardens, etc. just about every where on our piece of land. I really enjoy the challenges faced here. & yrs. ago I fought so much poison ivy/oak I thought it would never end (also crazy with bittersweet that is just now starting to get controlled around here.....can you say INVASIVE! Whoever planted that didn't realize they were going to populate over 50+ acres around here with that stuff! My neighbors hate it too--does make great christmas wreaths for free though!).

This year is going to be our year of the SUNFLOWER. We saved tons of seeds for mass plantings (my son is pretty excited about this as he saved a whole shoebox full of seeds). Mass plantings of easy plants is my plan for fast color and beauty!

I am constantly swapping everything from hatching eggs to seeds/plants to small quilts. I am trying to be thrifty and challenge myself all the time now to come up with alternatives. I am truly inspired by stories of people off the grid and although I'm not that extreme (yet?) I am really getting addicted to being cheap/thrifty/creative! Enjoying the gardenweb immensely and encourage you all to join!!!

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