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I live in an 1850 farm house with no farm. Little by little the original owner's descents, sold off the land. What used to be a miles of cow farm is reduced to the house on just about half an acre.
We bought this place in 1994 and have raised 5 kids here. Every spring thaw I pick up buckets full of broken glass and what ever else works it way out of the soil. I guess it was the practice to bury your trash back then.
The house is simple, not much to see, but it's ours. We fix what breaks and trust me a lot breaks in an old house. lol
The yard was nothing but over grown prickers and forsythias. So thick we had to walk around the property, Not on it.
Our 1st yr here was spent making weekly trips to the dump. I ripped out so many forsythia bushes I couldn't even guess. They were so huge I had to tie them up and pull them out with my van. Rabbits ran ramped. It was such a mess I didn't want to buy it. But now I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
My Brother owns the property behind us now and actually his property surrounds ours. So I have a few acres to play with.
I'm constantly redoing my gardens and have so many projects all going on at once that I'll never finishes any of them. lol!
I remember how happy the neighbors across the street were when we moved in. They were happy to see somebody care about the old place enough to clean it up. It really was the eyesore of the town. Why it's certainly no beauty and never will be, at least its cared for now, and flowers and love surround it.

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