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Coming up on my Fifth Year of Gardening! (This spring will mark the second full year in a new garden environment.)

My garden page is at http://www.singingstring.org/JM/gardengate.html. Please visit!

My Emblematic Flowers are the Iris and the Rose.

I have long studied the folklore and legend of flowers; I have incorporated floral and plant designs into calligraphy projects;

and I have studied the spiritual and ritual significance of flowers and plants and herbs for years--these and other studies are also integrated into our musical performances, concerts, programs...

....so now that we are gardening, it is especially moving to be nurturing these gifts of nature, since we know so much of what I call the "deep history" of humankind.

21 years of marriage and still counting .... my husband shares my gardening-and-wildlife-preserve outdoor adventures. He's the tea-and-medicinal-herb fella around here.

This year, we plan an indoor culinary and medicinal herbal garden as well as an outdoor "sacred plant" garden.


Last year, our squirrel friends planted several pumpkin vines, and one of them climbed over our backyard flower arch.

The leaves were incredibly big, and it was fun to see the sparrows and other birds using them as "umbrellas" in rainstorms!

We wonder what the little ones have in store for us this year!

Our backyard is always teeming with wildlife. Squirrels and birds share all the seed dispensers side-by-side in harmony, there's always song, fluttering, scampering, scolding and all kinds of fun stuff going on around here all day long.

Friends call our yard "the Peaceable Kingdom."

We are still experimenting with permaculture ideas...and having great fun enjoying Gaia's blessings and bounty.

We are full-time musicians and tour nationwide often, although much of our year is spent up and down the Eastern seaboard.

We are also artists, writers, and teachers (my husband teaches at the Boston Conservatory & we teach public history and music classes together at colleges, arts centers, and other venues . Our rubric is: "Understanding History Thru Music" (sm)

I also direct musical theatre and creative writing workshops for children & occasionally tutor special-needs children.

I've worked in Public and commercial Radio, have acted professionally, and we have been showcased over the years on TV, in newspapers/magazines, and on radio across the country for our musical/historical performances.

In addition to gardening I paint, draw, practice a variety of crafts, am a calligrapher, and read.

(We have a home library of several thousand books...)

We have lived all over the country, but New England is--forever--HOME--and though we've striven always to "bloom wherever planted" it is easy to do in this richest of all Gardens.

With a song,

I live in: United States

My zone is: MAz6

My favorite forum 1 is New England Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Herbalism.

First registered on June 01, 2002 .