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I have been a gardener many years although I did take a long break and lost too many plants to count, the ones I still have are troopers and I thank heavens for this because I forgot how much I loved gardening until I started looking at my plants that have survived me.
As for TRADING I have done it off and on many years.
I plan on getting very serious about gardening again so I need to do some serious trading going on to fill empty spots and new beds I want to create.
2013 blessed me with a lot of different swaps and trades. I am so happy to have been a part of both seed and plant swaps. I got a great select of seeds from everyone. I can't wait until the growing season begins in 2014 I am going to have a fantastic garden Heaven willing and the weather cooperates this year!
I am putting in a cute flower bed in the front, I need things to fill it with, what I really need is a plan. I planted things in it in 2013 but wasn't too happy with what got put in.
We planned on having a large garden we are working on this with seeds I have purchased and received through trading. I can't wait to see what this season brings.

I look forward to trading seeds, there are many I would love to grow and just can't afford to buy them all, buying some veggie seeds was a have to, but flowers are a luxury mostly because you can't eat some. Although I do want to grow some you can eat, I love the idea of an edible landscape!
Haven't ever done that before with edible flowers but want to attempt it in 2014!
Wish me luck folks!!!
:) Aqua

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