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I don't really remember why I did this originally, I think it was out of concern the list would disappear over time =) Or maybe bestlawn had mentioned computer problems and I thought it would help to archive the list at that time. At any rate, here is the most recent list I'm aware of, from here:


Posted by bestlawn 6 on Mon, Jul 30, 07 at 14:01

There are no Ryegrasses listed here. That does not mean none of these suppliers sell ryegrass. It only means I did not list them.

I would appreciate everyone adding to this list anything they can contribute.

  • All Pro allprohort.com New York 516-777-8668

    • Bluegrass - Apollo, Award, Blackstone, Bluestar, Bordeaux, Champagne, Coventry, Denim, Envicta, Goldrush, Guiness, Jefferson, Kenblue, Liberator, Mercury, Midnight, Midnight II, Moon Shadow, Nottingham, P-105 (Princeton), Palouse, Prosperity, Rambo, Ronde, Serene, Touchdown, Tsunami, Voyager, Washington

    • Tall Fescue - Coronado Gold, Coyote, Coyote II, Dominion, Dynasty, Masterpiece, Olympic Gold, Picasso, Rembrandt, Southeast, Tomahawk, Velocity, Wyatt

    • Fine Fescue - Ambassador Chewings Fescue, Ambrose Chewings Fescue, Aurora Gold Hard Fescue, Badger Creeping Red Fescue, Berkshire Hard Fescue, Big Horn Sheeps Fescue, Black Sheep Sheeps Fescue, Chewings Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, Dawson Slender Creeping Red Fescue, Discovery Hard Fescue, Jamestown Ii Chewings Fescue, Jasper Ii Creeping Red Fescue, Pennlawn Creeping Red Fescue, Seabreeze Slender Creeping Red Fescue, Shademaster Ii Creeping Red Fescue, Shadow Ii Chewings Fescue, Sheeps Fescue, Tiffany Chewings Fescue, Treazure Chewings Fescue

  • Arkansas Valley Seed, 303-320-7500

    • Arcadia, Avalanche, Award, Blue Chip, Blue Star, Brilliant, Cannon, Goldrush, Kingfisher, Midnight, Moonlight, NuBlue, NuGlade, Odyssey, Princeton (P-105)

    • Tall Fescue: Grande, Grande II

    • Chewings: Shadow, Sandpiper

    • Hard: Aurora Gold, Ospray, SR3100

    • Creeping: Dawson

  • Burch Seed – Landmark/Scott Seed - Celina, OH
    800-622-8262 419-363-3713 or email via webpage – http://burtchseed.com ( fish43512 )

    • Thermal Blue, Midnight, Serene, Coventry, Washington, Abbey, Envicta, Goldrush,

    • Scott’s hybrids soon to be released – DuraBlue, Solar Green

  • Charles C. Hart Seed Company
    860-529-2537 ask for Jim

    Alpine, America, Baron, Blue Velvet, Crest, Explorer, Langara, Mercury, Moon Shadow, Newport, Quantum Leap, Touchdown

  • Diener Seed, Reynolds dienerseeds.com 800-545-8611

    Impact, Baron, Jewel, 98/85
    Hard Fescue Stonehedge

  • Eaton Farm Bureau

    Can get anything offered by Michigan State Seeds and Sysco (both are one this list)

  • LD Oliver 802-893-1241

    • Bluegrass: America, Apollo, Arcadia, Baronie, Blackstone, Bluestone,
      Blue Velvet, Brilliant, Cabernet, Champagne, Chicago II, Excursion, Glade, Moonlight, Moon Shadow, NuBlue, NuDestiny, Odyssey, P-105, Shamrock, Showcase, Touchdown,

    • Tall Fescue: Cochise III, Crossfire II, Plantation, Rebel Exeda, Bariris, TurfSaver RTF w/ Labarinth

  • Michigan State Seeds, 517-627-2164

    America, Arcadia, Award, Banff, Cannon , Cynthia, Explorer, Jeronimo, Gold Rush, Kingfisher, Langara, Odyssey, Orfeo (Seed Research), Park, Quantum Leap, Ronde, Rugby, Rugby II, Showcase, SR2100, SR2284, 98/85, Serene, Touchdown, Ulysses, Wild Horse.

    Hammond in Diamondale

  • Pawnee Buttes Seed pawneebuttesseed.com
    800-782-5947 ask for Glenn

    • America, Award, Bedazzled, Brilliant, Denim, Julius, Kingfisher, Marquis, Midnight, Midnight Star, Moonlight, North Star, P-105, Park, Prosperity, Quantum Leap, Rugby II, Serene, Touchdown,

    • Matador, Pure Gold, Silverado II, Tarheel, Tomahawk RT, Wolfpack

    • Big Horn (hard), Jasper II (creeping), Camilia (creeping), Silhouette (Chewings)

  • Preferred Seed, Buffalo, New York
    716-895-7333 Ed Russell

    A-35 Benson, Arrow, Arrowhead, Award, Baron, Bedazzled, Bewitched (expected in mid-August), Brooklawn, Midnight, Midnight II (not until 2008) NuDestiny, Rugby II, Washington,

  • Roselawn Agriseed at 503-651-2130 ask for John

    • Bluegrass: Blacksburg, Blacksburg II, Blackstone, Blue Star, Brilliant, Challenger, Denim, Full Moon, Galaxy Blend, High Noon, Livingston, Longhorn TM, Midnight, Midnight II, Midnight Star, Moonbeam, Moonlight, Moonlight SLT, North Star, Prosperity, Serene, Unique

    • Tall Fescue: Apache II, Confederate Brand, Coronado, Coronado Gold, Endeavor, Innovator, Matador GT, Mowless Brand, Olympic Gold, Pure Gold, Silver Star, Tarheel, Tarheel II, Tomahawk, Tomahawk GT, Wolfpack

  • Selma Seeds selmaseed.com

    Plantation (Pennington 1901), Rebel Exeda, Rebel Supreme

  • Sharp Brothers Seed sharpseed.com 970-356-4710

    Website shows various locations and seed list

  • Steyer Farms, Ron Jacob 517-486-3520

    • Bluegrass: America, Armadillo, Arrow, Baron, Bedazzled, Beyond, Blue Chip, Cache, Blue Sapphire, Blue Velvet, Boutique, Brooklawn, Diva, Impact, Freedom III, Impact, Jewel, Midnight, Midnight II, Moonlight, Moonshadow, NuBlue, NuDestiny, Park, Perfection, Total Eclipse

    • Tall Fescue: Arid 3, Cheyenne, Chapel Hill, Cochise III, Constitution, Crossfire II, Dynasty, Finelawn Elite, Inferno, Kalahari, Millennium, Millennium II, Mustang III, Raptor, Red Coat, Titanium

  • Sysco in Indianapolis 800-888-2986

    America, Armadillo, Baron, Arrow, Beyond, Blue Sapphire, Brooklawn, Cache, Impact, Jewel, Midnight, Mongoose, Moon Shadow, Nublue, New Destiny, Park, Perfection, Total Eclipse, Touchdown, 98/85 Common, 85/80 Common

  • The Seed Center, Michigan 800-660-8789

    Liberator, NuGlade, Jacklin products but not Freedom III or Chicago II
    Quest, Inferno, Arid, Jaguar, Pixie, Tarheel, Olympic Gold, Endeavor, Cochise III, Titan LTD

  • Tri-Turf 3751 800-636-7039 Blair Townhall Rd. Traverse City, MI

    Alene, Award, Blacksburg, Blue Chip, Blue Moon, Brilliant, Everest, Liberator, Limousine, Midnight, Midnight II, Nassau, NuBlue, NuDestiny, NuGlade, North Star, Rugby II, Serene, Total Eclipse

  • Valley Green Holyoke, MA 413-533-0726

    • Kentucky Bluegrass – NuBlue, Raven, Troy, Midnight, Limousine, Rugby II, Blue Sapphire, Shamrock, Jewel, Goldrush

    • Tall Fescue – Coronado Gold, Olympic Gold, Masterpiece, Rembrandt, Alamo 3, Endeavor, Rebel Jr.

    • Fine Fescue – Jamestown 4, Common Creeping Red, Bornito Hard Fescue, Cindy Lou Creeping Red, Rose Creeping Red

  • Williams Lawn Seed wls.com 800-457-9571

    • Bluegrass: America, Bedazzled (sod quality), Blacksburg, Blue Star, Blue Velvet (sod quality), Boutique (sod quality), Brilliant (sod quality), Brooklawn, Julius, Langara, Midnight (sod quality), Midnight II (sod quality), Midnight Star, Moonlight (sod quality), Moon Shadow, North Star, Prosperity (sod quality), Quantum Leap, Rugby II, Unique

    • Tall Fescue: Bonsai 2000, Crossfire II, Olympic Gold Dynasty, Houndog V, Wolfpack, Tar Heel, Millennium, Rembrandt, Finesse II

  • crosmanseed.com

  • seedland.com

  • seedsuperstore.com

  • summitseed.com

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