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Newcomer to New Hampshire[moved from the Maine seacoast]. My property is about 2 1/2 acres, fairly evenly divided between woods and fields, on a southeast facing slope in the foothills of the White Mountains. I live with my cat and a nurse colony of brown bats. One of the things that attracted me to this property was the extensive flower gardens [ which someone proceeded to steal half of ] and the pear trees [ I love pears] . I have always been more of a vegetable gardener than a flower gardener. Growing only open pollinated varieties, but due to barren beds, have finally realized my childhood passion for herbs. I enjoy starting my own saved tomato and pepper and squash seeds, finding the rebirth a real boost to dreary, winter-worn spirits. Especially after a winter like this last one! Due to some "helpful" pruning, with a dull pole pruner [ same person that cleaned out the flower beds with a guilty conscience ] last fall, I had to get really aggressive with my pears this spring, but am happy to report there is a bumper crop! This spring I planted absynthe, basil, dill, chives, monarda"Jacob Kline’, Greek oregano, French tarragon, winter savory, sorrel, rhubarb"Victoria", culinary thyme, spearmint, nepeta, marjoram,parsley,hyssop, lovage, woodruff, north sea oats, sea holly, creeping phlox, poppies, nasturtiums, "Heavenly Blue" morning glories, Concord grapes, cherokee purple and green zebra tomatoes, dragons tongues beans, Hungarian yellow wax peppers, carrots, lettuce, bok choi, zukes, yellow squash, pumpkins, butternut squash, cukes, Green Mountain and Red Norland potatoes, and along with the existing hemerocallis, lupines, foxglove, Siberian iris, anemmone, creeping thyme, horseradish, hollyhock, English primrose, salvia, rudbeckia, coneflower, hosta, astilbe ,and violets, everything but the carrots are up and in a few years, when it is all established, I should have things to trade. I had no luck finding a couple things and if anyone has them please feel free to contact me, these were; glycyrrhiza lepidota [ true wild american liorice] , artemisia vulgaris [ mugwort] , marrubium vulgare [horehound], and monarda punctata [spotted horsemint] . Happy gardening!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 5a-4b

My favorite forum 1 is Heirloom Plants & Gardens.

My favorite forum 2 is Trees.

First registered on June 28, 2008 .