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I have several small garden areas that I have started from scratch. The last tenant got addicted to computers and the plants died. One tree was left, a citrus, but it was in such a bad state the neighbours begged me to get it removed as it was full of fruit flies. The property manager agreed to go halves with me and I engaged a man who had a stump grinder as I have a dog and did not want the rootball poisoned. On the day he was supposed to come, a couple of men arrived and demolished the tree. Problem was, they were not the men I had engaged! They were the contract gardeners who mowed our lawns and someone had mistakenly told them to take my tree down. My own man was very pleased to find that he did not have to do the job but still got paid for it as he had the work order! Of course, his grinder had broken(!) so he did have to come back to finish the work.
I have planted lots of scented roses, lavender, azaleas and dianthus. I put down loads of dark mulch to highlight these colourful plants.
I favour dense planting. The neighbours prefer bare soil with shrubs although we get very hot weather in Western Australia. I ignore their comments!

I live in: United States

My zone is: WA Aust

My favorite forum 1 is Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Shrubs.

First registered on November 21, 2005 .