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Hello to all gardeners!
Here I am up in zone 5a (and I suspect the a is for artic) and trying to get a rose garden going... So far I have a very nice Teasing Georgia, althought it is five years old it never gets very tall as I have to prune it quite hard but it still grows beautifully and is just coverd with blooms in the early summer. I also have an Othello, which grows just fine but doesn't bloom very much, and different modern roses that never perform too well. I have a Neptune by Kordes, I think, which is very nice too.
Althought I do have a Cape Diamond that looks pretty good, I don't go for the plainer sorts of roses and plan on trying for some DA's. I would appreciate any suggestions on types of roses that might stand a fair chance of surviving our winters!

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 5a

My Birthday is September 25 .

First registered on October 06, 2012 .