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This is my first year to attempt gardening. Our yard has established lilacs, peonies, many roses, Bradford pear trees, an apple tree, and an entire yard full of Bermuda grass. I am very interested in xeroscaping because of the hot, dry (~20 inches/yr) and windy climate here in the Texas panhandle. I started a perenial garden last fall, full of drought and heat tolerant plants such as russian sage, artemisia, and lamb's ear and it is doing quite well this year. This spring, I also started a shade garden on the north side of our house, under an evergreen tree, but it is not doing as well. My husband and I started a small vegetable garden that is doing amazingly well for this early in the season, but rollie pollies are eating all the leaves they can reach. They are everywhere in the shade and are also in the vegetable garden. Basically, I am interested in all of these subjects and am open for an advice you can offer.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z6 TX Panhandle

First registered on June 08, 2004 .