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Guess it's about time I updated this.

We still live in Beaver County, Pa in a county park. Deer problems have gotten worse with the ongoing development in neighboring communities. Forcing the hungry critters into our area.

We lost our 17 yr old cat last year. She's now under a saucer magnolia in a new circular flower bed we started in the back yard.

Our adopted cat is now 2 yrs old and quite the rascal. Still a terrific mouser. Fuzzy the dog is now 4 yrs old and we adopted a golden retriever from a rescue organization. We named him Rudy cause his color is more like the irish setter. He's somewhere between 7 or 8 years old and had a rough life. He was found swimming in a sewage treatment plant. His previous owners should take a swim in it!!

I've backed off on seed starting. Just plain out of room and can't dig anymore groung until the dreaded sewer line comes through.

Don't get me wrong, we have an acre and a half. Healthwise is also limiting me these days. Just don't have the oomph to be cutting trees on the weekends like I used to.

All the other gardens we have are going to be goin through transformations and rearrangements. Tired of some plants, others would look better in other areas, and the typical garden snafu's of wrong plant, wrong place.

Gave away 3 truck loads of plants last year in an attempt to shut down one of our large holding beds. Lol, only managed to empty bout half of it. Friends are afraid we'll force plants on them so they stay away, kidding but we do try to dump some.

Now were working on building a deer proof collection of shrubs......guess the garden bug just bit in another part of the pocket. I'll start cuttings of what I can get my greedy hands on but I'm gonna end up spending mucho denaro too I think.

Well, this in my March 2003 update. Happy Gardening and if your in the area ...stop by.....hahaha bring a bag. Or two, haaha, or five,HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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