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I got my first orchids (Phals) in summer 03, and they re-bloomed in 04 :-) All my windows face north so I grow under artifical light only:

Area 1: Powder room (glorified closet with a sink and toilet, actually very useful, don't have to carry plants very far for watering). 1 3' x 2' shelf lighted 14 hrs/day by 1 42w 3000k spiral CF and 1 55w 6500k CF with an 9" fan blowing up through the plants that is on when the lights are on. The room is vented to the outside thus a humidifier is on 24/7 to keep levels to min 40%, temperature 19-25C

Area 2: Closet in guest room(advantage of closing doors when visitor stay over, as well as ability to easily regulate heat and humidity). 1 3' x 2' shelf lighted 12 hrs/day by 4 x 48" 54w T5 HO CF (2 x 3000k and 2 x 4100k - edit : had to replace 2 3000k with 2 4100k because defective) They are hanging about 34" above the shelf and a 10" oscillating fan 24/7 from below and plastic curtain to retain higher levels of humidity during winter (about 30%) temp 19-26C.

Area 3: shelf near window with 42w Spiral CF, used for cold treatment. Humdity varies with weather, temps 10-15C night 18-20C days.

Brassada Mivada
Brsdm Shooting Star x Mtssa Dark Star
Burr. Nelly Isler Red
Catt Pot Free Spirit x Wanda's Fire
Catt Blc Wanda's Fire
Dend Burana Jade
Dend Emma White
Dend Queen of the South East mis-labeled (possibly Banana Royal)
Dend Nobile Yellow 'Magical Festival'
Dend Vorawit Blue
Mlta Aztec 'Toni'
Mlta Royal Robe 'Diplomat'
Mtssa 'Shelob Tolkien'
Mtssa Charles M Fitch
Mtssa Charles M Fitch 'Izumi'
Onc. Sharry Baby 'White Flush Rika'
Onc. Sharry Baby "Sweet fragrance"
Onc. Sharry Baby "Starwars"
Onc. Midas 'Willow Pond' AM/AOS (mericlone)
Odom Bictoniense x Oda Taw 'Rememberance'
Odont Margaret Holm 'alpine'
Odont Panhoehoe x Glyndebourne
Odont Panhoehoe x Durham Castle
Phal Duki x Ho's fancy leopard
Phal Miva Smartissimo x Canberra
Phal Golden Buddha 'Raspberry Delight' x Brother purple 'Brother'
Phal Golden Horizon x Cataracte
Paph Black Currant x Ruby Mist
Paph Black Currant x Ruby Peacock
Paph. 'Cherry Cola' x Flame Arrow
Paph. Flame Arrow x Shadow Magic
Paph. Judge Philip
Paph. Magic Mcnavy X Cherry Cola
Paph. Oriental Enchantment X Dragon Flag
Paph. Oriental Mystique ‘Wide Petals’ HCC/AOS x Dragon Flag
Wdma Beverley Lou
Zygo Everspring 'Holandia'

Cirr ornatissimum
Dend kingianum
Restrepia striata
Sarcochilus hartmanni

non orchid
Hibiscus (standard and bush)
Beaucarnea recurvata (ponytail palm)

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 5a ON Canada

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Botany.

First registered on May 01, 2004 .