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About Alcina in 2005

I live in London (England). A few years ago I bought a house which comes with a small garden front and back, having previously spent 9 years in a first floor flat without even a window box. I'd love to have a go at homesteading, but it's not feasible at the moment. Maybe I just watched too many episodes of "The Good Life"...

My first few year's gardening experience has had many failures, but I guess that's how we learn (oh...the garlic is *ripe* not dead and I should have dug it up already?)! I enjoy trying to grow plants from seeds and cuttings (oh the agony of waiting and hoping!)! I'm avidly into composting and feeding the soil and I try to be as organic as possible.

Last year I grew chilli peppers for the first time and they were great though the quantity was less than I'd hoped, I shall be trying them again this year with some different varieties. I also converted my lawned "typical British" front garden into a Cottage Garden (most of the planting to be done Spring 2005). I documented the process!

This year, apart from planting the Cottage Garden, I'm hoping to make a start on the back garden and transform it into a Tuscan Villa...well...sort of! :) I'm also going to try growing soya and various squash for the first time this year. I have more seeds than ever to sow this Spring, hopefully by the Summer I'll have strong healthy plants!

Indoors I grow orchids and carnivourous plants!

I live in: United States

My zone is: South East UK

My favorite forum 1 is Soil.

My favorite forum 2 is Gardening in the UK.

First registered on August 22, 2003 .