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My husband and I are currently living in a little apartment in a big city in Michigan. We can't wait to get started on our own homesteading project, and often come down with "house fever" that can only be remedied by looking through floor plans for houses, seed catalogues, books and websites about self-sufficiency, and finding out all we can about various parts of the homestead way of life.

We will most likely start looking for land around Lansing in the summer of '06, build the shell of a house to live in through the following winter, then go straight into enriching our surroundings with large gardens (small at first, but they'll grow as we learn), paddocks for a couple dairy goats and their kids, a chicken coop for a small flock, a few fruit trees in our own orchard, and perhaps a pond to raise fish and water-fowl if we are not lucky enough to find land that already has one naturally.

I love to draw. I have sketches of everything I can picture in my head, including various houses suited for different plots and life situations, aerial views of what I would ideally like our land to feature, and many more things. The drawings constantly change as I learn new things, and will probably look nothing like what we end up with... but it soothes my ache for homesteading. If you would like to see any of these, or just talk about anything that might interest you and me... drop me a line.

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