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I don't have much to say, but I miss my husband so much and it does feel like the pain will never subside. Everyone tells me it will but it's hard to believe. Especially when my son says "I miss daddy." with does sad eyes of his. He was really attached to him. He was the good cop and I was the bad cop if you know what I mean( good cop/bad cop). The beach won't ever look the same either. My husband loved going to the beach to go fishing and teaching my son how to fish. Because of daddy my son likes going to the deep end by himself,"I can swim, I'm not scared". He would flip in the water while the waves will splash against them. I never did, well because I can't swim so they will both call me,"Chicken mommy, loser" :). I miss them both teasing me like that to me. He will always be in my heart and best of all I have a little minnie-me version of my husband, my son and our new little addition, our new son.

I live in: United States

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