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I’m relatively new to gardening with only seven years behind my belt. I am still refining my tastes and learning things the hard way. Since we are new to this landscape I have an almost bare half acre to do it with.

It’s a contest as to where I spend more of my leisure time, in my yard or on my computer. During the summer, once the backbreaking work is done, I spend a lot of time researching the plants I have, the plants I want, plants I might desire in the future and making more of what I already have.

My love for photography came shortly before I put my first plant in the ground. In fact, my interest in learning how to photograph flowers is what got me started.

With the varieties available I had a hard time deciding what to grow. Then I saw a small box labeled "Freesia" on an end-cap at Wal-mart. At the time this was my favorite body spray scent so I had to have it. It had to be midsummer and I dug a trench about six feet long and maybe four inches deep along the house,filled it with potting soil, and dropped those gems in the soil.

That first year they did come up but there were no blooms. I thought they were weeds and pulled them. Fortunately some bulbs remained in the ground and the next year brought the beauties that you see in the photo. For what it is worth, they smell so much better than the body spray!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7b

My favorite forum 1 is Carolina Gardening.

First registered on December 26, 2007 .