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I have recently returned "home" to the capital district of upstate NY after 15 years of adventursome changes of address. It is so wonderful to get together once again with old friends, visit familiar places and to renew wonderful memories. I am living in the "old neighborhood" where my kids were raised, except when I went away, this was farmland.
I am settling into a very promising and exciting job with a nice boss and a resident pooch in the office. Charlie (the pooch)is a sweet little fella who follows my every footstep and adds a lot of charm to the work place. I have been given free reign to the gardens and all the office greenery. Being a Master Gardener was a plus to the resume!
Not knowing how or where to maintain all my own houseplants, I sent them to my son, and he and D/L are quite excited to have them for their own home. The big hit with the grandchildren were about a zillion assorted Hens & Chicks for their yard.
I plan to get involved once again in a garden club and other garden-related activities, volunteering at the Med Center, hitting the thrift stores and yard sales -- gotta do the Garden Junk thing and find furniture to restore/refinish. LOL
To my friends in Missouri, I miss you, but it's good to be home again.


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