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Will come back and add here soon. Very excited to have found this forum, as I eagerly entered the world of gardening in Florida a year ago! I miss my New England yard, but am loving this one more and more everyday.

I am busily reading all the old posts, and looking through all the fantastic photos! I am identifying existing plants, and unlabeled recent additions, left and right.

***Adding a bit, finally. Plants I’ve identified in my yard: (I’ll work on fine tuning names once I’m better at this! )

Aloe, Azalea, Bird of Paradise, Calladium, Crepe Myrtle, Gardenia, Geranium, Grapefruit, Hibiscus, Impantiens, Lemon Grass, Magnolia, Marigold, Oleander, Orange, Peach, Petunia, Plumbago, Pothos, Purple Fountain Grass, Queen Palm, Rose, and Vinca.

A few more to go. As for the list of things I want...I’d need my own forum! lol

***Adding a few more: Bromeliads, Anthurium, Christmas Cactus, Parsley, Variegated Ginger and Dwarf Date Palm...

And a few more: Golden Torch Heliconia, Blue Point Juniper, Dwarf Pineapple, Mother of a Thousand Babies, Poinsettia, King Palm, Sunshine Palm, "Elle" Roses, Mondo grass, thats all I can name for now...still working on it (both the naming & adding to the garden :) )

Had a Desert Rose but wasn’t able to keep it alive :(

I think I’m going to start taking pics and asking for help identifying the rest :-)

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