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You know that weed called mint? I can’t get it to grow!

Okay, folks, I’m updating. I have been able to get some of the unusual types of mint to stay alive and some even make it through the winter for me now, but not peppermint or spearmint - only the odd ones like chocolate mint, orange mint, and grapefruit mint. Peppermint and spearmint always seem to only last during the summer months. Just sort of odd, I think!

My special plant interests are roses (usually not hybrid teas) and herbs; and I started winter sowing two years ago. What a fun thing to try!

I enjoy trading with other gardeners and have always been very pleased with what I get from GardenWeb members. I enjoy getting to know each one of you. I grow some things from seed and root some things. Mostly I spend my time trying to take care of the plants that I have and our pets - two horses, a Golden Retriever, and a cat. If I swap with you, I hope to make you happy with what you get so I do my best to pick out things you like and pack them carefully. As for what you send to me, variety is the spice of life!

We have a little over 9 acres and live in an English Tudor style house. I love to think about decorating, but am not particularly good at the interior decorating thing. I love daffodils, Italian pottery, and blue delft items. I love to travel.

So, for those I will get to know over the GardenWeb, I look forward to "meeting" you. Probably we won’t see each other face-to-face, but isn’t it special that we can touch each others’ lives regardless? I walk in my garden and think about each person who sent the plants and items that I see; of course when I do that, I think you are special to have shared your plants with me.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7B-8A SC

First registered on March 16, 2003 .