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My Garden Story

I bought my first house at the end of '09.


A little old house with lots of yard and a detached garage that looks like a barn. I plan to paint it green with white edging. So cute.

The first thing I did was remove the brick edging, dig out old holly roots, expand the beds, and plant lots of pansies, kale, and chard.

  • Pansy

  • In the spring I expanded the beds and sowed a lot of seeds that didn't turn out too well. My mail box disappeared in the morning glories. Variegated nasturtiums were everywhere. I put in a purple vitex and purple sage on the right near the street.

    Then I decided I needed to stick to red and yellow. So I put in a red yucca, lots of red petunias, red and yellow celosia, yellow coreopsis, yellow asiatic lily, red and yellow canna, and moss rose. I didn't take any pictures! Shame on me!

    I was very proud of it, but it was small so I expanded the beds again and I plan to winter sow lots of goodies for next spring. On the side of the house, I cleaned up some old roses and hollies and was surprised by a gajillion surprise lilies in September.

    My dream is to make the backyard into a great living space with lots of places to sit, a pond, and some privacy. I really want to find a good shady spot to sit out there with my dogs and a laptop. My three great loves!

    About Me

    I'm 26 and have a lot of hobbies but I try to spend most of my time with the three great loves I mentioned. My dogs, my garden, and my computer. I have autism and I believe there is not a thing wrong with it. Aside from a few sensory issues, it has shaped me into the person I like today. Feel free to ask me any questions about it.

    I'm still on the job hunt, surviving by dealing in antiques. Especially old books and glassware. Thanks for reading and see you around the forums. :)

    I live in: United States

    My zone is: 8a DFW Texas

    My favorite forum 1 is Winter Sowing.

    My favorite forum 2 is Seed Saving.

    First registered on July 24, 2008 .