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I live north of the Wine Country, south of the Redwoods, in other words neither here nor there, sort of like the Twilight Zone.
I have been "challlenge gardening" at my location for 20+ years now - it’s the lowest point of the highest valley, alt. 1795 feet. I get early frosts, late frosts, snow and rain in winter, daytime temp’s of 100* plus - nights at 50* or less - in summer. The rain stops in early May and doesn’t start again until middle October -
I grow a lot of native plants, have quit vegetables, because I find it difficult to grow just enough for one - so stick to perennials, annuals and some container plants.

One third of my 6 acres is left natural, the rest is a goat area, a horse arena, a pond and on the East end my house & garden - on the SW side my daughter’s house, garden and horse-barn.
Got a computer in 1997, shortly therafter discovered the Garden Web and have been hanging about ever since.

I live in: United States

My zone is: NoCal/8

My favorite forum 1 is The Garden Party.

My favorite forum 2 is Pets.

First registered on February 22, 2001 .