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Not a funny story, but true.. A horrible odor was emulating from our dryer about two weeks ago..
Turned out to be a stupid mouse crawled into the unit for the warmth??, became ill?, disoriented?, up and died atop the white plastic duct-where he could be smelled but not seen, ..
So, I had to end up disassembling the machine in order to locate the corpse and the maggots UUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK.. and the stench oooooooooooh - double yuck !! Now the mouse is buried, the maggots are now flies, I guess, the dryer is back in service and the stench lingers !!! My wive ended up pitching a load of white towels and the laundry basket .. She has an excellent smell-sense and hearing, actually too good..

So, its back to disassembling(third time) and using Spic and Span, straight !! or maybe gasolene !! or I can try some acetone or some napthia...
Adrian, and I am desperate or disperate..

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